What people say about ProWork

London, 1 June 2014

Here are some of the comments we have received on the ProWork Programme in recent months:

• “If this project comes true I could stay in my country and not leave it” (a young Greek architect)

• “… a ‘new hope’ for me, and it is amazing when you really identify yourself with a project. That’s why I was (and am) so enthusiastic about this” (young Portuguese civil engineer)

• “… this could not have come at a better time” (President of the European Parliament)

• “What is this idea again. Something strange, something I do not like.” (translated, a young Greek, supporter on Facebook of ‘Golden Dawn’)

• “… I think what you do is great! How could I get involved…?” (Greek student)

• “… would like to congratulate you on the initiative… as we are very interested to see how your initiative will proceed…” (European civil servant)

• “… many, many congratulations on your wonderful initiative which will link ages and needs.” (Greek landowner)

• “significant initiative” (European banker)

• “This solution is so elegant” (former British senior health care official)

• “As a young Greek who strongly refuses to leave, I invest a lot of my hopes and dreams in ProWork” (another young Greek architect)