The Elders, CliMates and us @ Sciences Po in Paris

Paris, 22 April 2014

In preparation for the Paris Climate Change conference (COP) in 2015, some of The Elders visited the French capital, meeting the Prime Minister. On the afternoon, they held a meeting with young people at Paris University’s School of Political Sciences, the ‘Sciences Po’. Given the track record and interest of the Intercivil Society on climate change and society, the Elders’ Chief Executive, Lesley-Anne Knight, invited us to attend this meeting:

Climate change: Who will lead? – The Elders in conversation with young people, with Jimmy Carter Former US President, Hina Jilani, Pakistani human rights defender, and Mary Robinson, former Irish President. Laurence Tubiana, Professor at Sciences Po and Columbia University, moderated the meeting.

Before and after the meeting, we have started conversations with the Elders and a representative of the youth organization for climate protection called CliMates, about developing independent, inter-generational leadership capacity to address social and political consequences of climate change, including the related refugee situations.