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The FrontLead Initiative is Frontline Leadership for a climate justice of equals. Its main features are:

1. Frontliners are people who have contributed the least to the climate crisis,  been the most affected by it and had little or no influence to rebalance this injustice. They are the planet’s youth, refugees and territorial frontliners.

  Youth is about half of the world population: children, adolescents and young adults. They are frontliners-in-time.   Refugees, within the scope of the FrontLead Initiative, are all persons involuntarily displaced by fear of persecution, by violent conflict including war and by sudden or slow onset disasters, climate change, within their country (the internally displaced) or across international borders. 80+ million refugees – and counting – have already crossed this ‘frontline’.   Territorial frontliners are populations of most affected or endangered countries and areas such as  low-lying territories, small island states, countries and areas of desertification, deforestation, regular heat waves and violent storms.  

2. Leadership is the practiced capacity to generate an atmosphere of trust and trust based cooperation among people.

3. Frontline Leadership (FrontLead) is the collective behavior of frontliners who form a trans-territorial self-help community of cooperation, the FrontLead community. Rather than scattered vulnerable population groups or individuals,  the community is more likely to succeed in contributing to a climate justice of equals and to international stability.

4. Frontliners have a shared self-interest: life in equal dignity with the rest of the human family. Frontliners’ equal dignity means trans-territorial community protection that is equal to that of non-frontliner citizens, financial liquidity that makes them materially less unequal to other fellow humans and participation in making decisions that affect their lives. The FrontLead community works for frontliners’ equal dignity and it shall leave no one behind.

5. Membership in the FrontLead community is a safety net –  legal, financial and political – that delivers default community protection for those losing the effective citizenship of their country of origin. Innovations build members’ financial liquidity. All members are of equal weight and value in collective wisdom based decision making. Brothers and sisters are doing it for themselves.

6. Leadership teams reflect the generational, gender and geographic proportions of membership. This age-pyramid leadership enables young people and women to take their proportionate share of responsibility to lead, replacing disproportional gerontocracy.

7. Once the FrontLead community will reach a critical mass, it will be able to leverage its civic diplomacy and partnerships with governments and organizations to contribute to the reduction of climate chaos, conflicts and involuntary mass displacement.

A FrontLead Brain Trust of interested people, governments and organizations is now being invited to take stock of the planetary status quo and to hold deliberations about the design, strategy, financials and logistics of the FrontLead initiative as a response to that status quo.